Who is taraji p henson dating

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Might get ridiculous at times-this girl sleeps with this guys brother, brother kills him, son hates him so he sleeps with his mother.

Typical chick flick- but does its job as a drama series well.

Back in the present, Cookie asked if they know each other, and the answer she gets is, “We met once, years ago.” Lucious tells Giuliana he’s suprised Rafael let her leave Vegas — then Shyne makes a reference to Rafael in the past tense, and Lucious catches it.

He explains to Cookie that Rafael was a “big player in Vegas” and a “corrupt, ruthless, and despicable human being.” Talk about the only person who could make Lucious look like a good guy!

The Empire is yet another reason why the true essence of Hip Hop continues to become less relevant in our culture.

Technically, this is the song Andre commissioned her to write for Nessa, but Lucious has other plans: Tory will release the song tonight on Empire Xstream, and Tiana and Hakeem will introduce it to get revenge on Nessa.

Of course the launch goes swimmingly, and Tiana even does a sexy dance with Tory while she sings (um… Tiana’s no stranger to the land of women, and it seems like Tory will do anything that gets her the most attention or the most enjoyment).

It's about how this pretty disfuctional family can work through all that it's bad and still be strong as one at the end of the day.

You won't see a happy family for sure but I bet Lucious or Cookie or Hakeem, Andre or Jamal will put their can't wait for season 3...

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