Nas dating sade

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how is Nas not doing anything when he has an album coming out with Damian Marley in May and has been constantly doing shows & making appearances over the past year? This dude sucks at football anyway and just got dropped from the Chicago Bears so now it makes sense that two losers would like each other! I personally wished she and Nas could have worked it out but she has every right to move on if she chooses! Mashonda has way more class than Kelis does.wanted her husband all Kelis wanted was a baby and a meal ticket for 18 years after she realized Nas discovered her and Dania were lovers! How many groupies has Nas had b4 & since he left their home?

Some of you fools just comment without even knowing what you are talking about whatsoever. Why can a male date and and women cant while their in the process of getting a divorce? She's been with dude since like October from what I understand. Well yes it is bad for Kelis because she publicly said that she hated cheaters on her twitter and now she must hate herslf! The worst part about these comments is that most seem to be coming from other women! Mashonda was not in it for the money Kelis surely is! Nas shouldnt be dating or fu(cking either if thats the case.

Ogunleye was in attendance as Kelis performed cuts from her upcoming album at the Belvedere Music Lounge. Oh I forgot she's going to send the bill to Nas claiming that it's a child support expense. It's women like this that really make it hard for women who genuinely need child support for their children and not just to satisfy their own materialistic needs! I DONT THINK BEING IN HOLLYWOOD HAS ANYTHING TO DO WIT BEING IN THE DATING GAME... She filed for divorce in April of 2009 and began dating him six months later. You people are nuts lol @live~ur~life..sit down you fucking smut!a baby that he wanted as much as she did you can call it what you want any (WOMAN or MAN) for that matter dont have to put up with there spouse beeing don't matter what a person did b4 they were with you....only matters what happens when you are together I for one think all wimen who marry rappers are goldiggers and hos and do not deserve any dime from their ex spouses. Nas has my respect , she'll have her karma from trying to ruin nas! well KELIS did have the baby looooooooong ago and they have moved on since then F--K THE HYPE do yo KELIS......will always be that (BOSSY BITCH)keep beeing you D. " More than likely this e-mail is true because people been saying this about Kelis that she is a carpet muncher!Her and Dania...where there is smoke there is fire! Nicole Bitchie site posted this about Kelis and this dude.And now Kelis is recruiting strippers to join her in freaky threesomes with this guy!!!! ----------------------------------------------- Reporting live from no-brains-land: Pls go sit ur @ss down somewhere! Nov 12th was on a Thurs....where do you get ur sources from, ...tabloids? Some of ya'll kill me, like ya'll real reporters and shit..... Wale or whatever his name is will not respect Kelis if she was fucking him while still married to Nas regardless if she was in the process of divorcing! I was just commenting on her fast approach back into the world... It is very hard to adjust after being married (u are used to sex on the regular, used to companionship, etc).This man will fuck her and do all the freaky threesomes with her but after he fucks and freaks her too death he will leave her high and dry! We barely heard from her for a while and then she had a baby... Kelis was just begging for Nas money going to courts trying to milk his pockets and she failed at it in the end and now she has a new millionaire to leach off of! It is a natural response for u to miss that & to want to have it again. So many hypocrites posted negative things about Mashonda..talking about she was "holding on, etc.." How do you know what Mashonda was doing?

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