Black and indian dating

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As a person of colour from the developing world, I found it easy to blend in with my mostly-White cohort because of how submerged I was in North American popular culture.

Where nothing is known about your thriving film industry, your music; where your cuisine smells different, so it must make you a cannibal. For the middle and upper classes in India, a certain kind of Blackness is acceptable to us — the hip-hop/rap group or artiste, the Premier League footballer, Barack Obama, Idris Elba for James Bond — you get the drift.I’d say dating is a close second — it has been for me.The summer before I met Bryan, I briefly dated Ludovic, a White Frenchman who travelled to Delhi for work.It was heady in the beginning, to be treated as an exotic being, and to be so close to a culture I had only seen in films — wine any time of the day, elaborate meals, and French kissing (delightful at first, but quite taxing after a point).When he showed me pictures of his family home in rural France, I imagined a life there with our mocha-latte son, Zizou.

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