Sex adult dating site totally free and not scam

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Look at the page from their website showing their fine print.

Just another billing scam from a group who also run a phony dating site.

It’s douchebags like these guys that make my job harder – but I don’t play games, I’m exposing them in front of everyone so more guys don’t get screwed.

You have seen the ads out there to “Fuck for two hours” or “Last Longer” and you see a photo of a bottle of pills called King Size.

They tell you girls are in your area and want to fuck.

They grab your credit card and bang the shit out of it, and then you find out there are no girls. Ads for this bottle of pure crap are all over the porn websites promising to make your dick up to 13” long. They try and make this bottle of junk sound scientific when in fact, it’s just an old formula that has been around forever and they put a different label on it.

(See how I tell is like it is – no one will give you the straight scoop – fuck these guys they are crooks!

Very few people know as much about this industry as me. Just look at the comparison between the Blackcore Edge ingredients and the Big Jim & The Twins ingredients. If you look at the ingredients it's not filled with extracts, it's all powder.

In fact, it's one of the reasons I created my website and am spilling the beans on the penis pill industry. You can buy Big Jim & The Twins for .58 on Amazon.

This is a health food store in San Francisco on Clay St. They were trying to make a fast buck cashing in on the popularity of male enhancement pills.

Our investigators entered the store after reports they were selling counterfeit versions of Zyrexin, one of the top selling male enhancement products.

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