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The similarities between Jagged Little Pill and 21 (which has sold 22 million copies) are striking.Both were made by 21-year-olds in the aftermath of a painful relationship break-up (neither has ever confirmed the protagonists’ identities).A whirlwind romance followed, with the pair marrying in May 2010."I didn’t want to be one of those women who wake up at 63 years old and realise they’ve missed the window of opportunity for marriage and children," she says, smiling."I’d always had these prophetic visions of what was next.I’d see myself touring or writing a book or whatever it was."I remember touring America in a van and I’d be fielding all these calls," Alanis Morissette says.

After that, she slowly rebuilt her career, making a further three albums of angsty rock music, although her personal life remained tangled, marked by a series of unsuitable relationships.The woman who once outraged middle America with her sexual frankness and gratuitous swearing on the hit single You Oughta Know now, rather sweetly, drops her voice to a whisper every time she swears (which is often).She is smiley and funny and, while her phone buzzes quietly throughout our interview, she never looks at it.The source of much of this positivity is clearly her husband; Morissette’s features brighten instantly at every mention of him.She had long fantasised about collaborating with a rap artist, setting up their first meeting in 2009 'as a big fan’.

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