Dating winds of wander dating dkd

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Thrax, the leader of the thugs, warns Hater that he better not be joshing them.

Later that night, Hater is by himself making plans to obliterate Wander when he smells a feast being eaten by the others.

The hungry Hater decides to steal a morsel of food, but is thwarted by Thrax.

Wander comes to him and reveals he couldn't get any food since the thugs ate the last of it, so offers a plate of indigestible items such as an eyeball, a centipede, and what appears to be feces.

The Cave of the Winds trip takes you closer to the waters of Niagara Falls than you thought possible.

You ride an elevator 175 feet (53 meters) deep into the Niagara Gorge.

Hater explains it is a portal to a prison dimension where he banished those he has detested and intends to banish Wander there as well.

At the last minute though, Sylvia comes to his rescue, attacking all the Watchdogs that come at her.

When Hater notices Wander starting to play the same song, he tosses him to the ground and sees the thugs seemingly coming after him, and attempts to impress them by singing the song to Wander.It turns out the thugs were actually running from a Sand Snapper. "The Picnic" | "The Greatest" | "The Egg" | "The Fugitives" | "The Good Deed" | "The Pet" "The Prisoner" | "The Bad Guy" | "The Troll" | "The Box" | "The Hat" | "The Little Guy" | "The Ball" "The Bounty" | "The Hero" | "The Birthday Boy" | "The Nice Guy" | "The Time Bomb" | "The Tourist" "The Day" | "The Night" | "The Lonely Planet" | "The Brainstorm" | "The Toddler" | "The Fancy Party" "The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!Wander gets trapped in the whirlpool and screams to Hater for help, but Hater simply smiles and dances. Wander/Inmates: ♪ 'Cause together, we're the best of friends! " | "The Void" | "The Party Animal" "The Gift 2: The Giftening" | "The Date" | "The Buddies" | "The Liar" | "The Stray" | "The Big Job" "The Helper" | "The Funk" | "The Enemies" | "The Rider" | "The Gift" "The First Take" | "The Smile" | "The Killjoy" | "The Theme Song" | "The Bathroom Break" "The Planetary Conqueror" | "The Sharpshooter" | "The Glitch" | "The Caller" | "The Whatever" "The Big Finish" "The Greater Hater" | "The Big Day" | "The Breakfast" | "The Fremergency Fronfract" "The Boy Wander" | "The Wanders" | "The Axe" | "The Loose Screw" | "The It" | "The Cool Guy" "The Catastrophe" | "The Rager" | "The Good Bad Guy" | "The Battle Royale" | "The Matchmaker" "The New Toy" | "The Black Cube" | "The Eye on the Skull Ship" | "The Secret Planet" | "The Bad Hatter" "The Hole...Lord Hater struggles to be Wander's buddy to survive, while adapting to everything he does.On Lord Hater's ship, Wander has been captured and is forced to go to the Pit of Perpetual Pain.

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