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If any of my friends knew theyd be hurt, so its all about keeping everything private and I do feel safe on this site.The guys can be a bit hit or miss but if you use your common sense then youll realise the best guys to meet are the ones who are as paranoid as you about getting caught!We hope you'll give our site a more committed try, as the free version only allows you to scratch the surface of the site's potential. Sure, this site is far from perfect, lets be strait on that from the start.

My opinion on this site is that it does what you expect. As a woman whose husband is disabled, I would never go on a normal dating site but I do need a way to meet people who can give me what my husband no longer can.It's not about being oversexed or perverted, it's just about trying to get satisfaction without breaking up the family. In fact IMO its better than the big name sites because it goes under the radar.Anyway im rambling on, I like nostringsaffair and would have no problem anonymously recommending it to anyone who understand the importance of discretion /respect and is at a stage in their life where naughty fun is just not available at home anymore. When you're looking for a way to commit adultery, you dont take risks, you go underground.Im new to affairs dating and maybe this is something that happens a lot, but I met a really nice lady on No Strings Affair, we got on well and were messaging back and forth for a few days.I suggested that we meet up, as she stays in London (Im in Surrey, so close enough to meet but far enough to feel safe about meeting without bumping into any friends/ relatives!

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