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I've become familiar with the concept of Chi, and have realized that I'm happier, more productive, and more aggressive when I masturbate less. My sexuality and my social identity are at ease with each other, and I'm enjoying sex with women that much more.

I don't need to think about black cock at all to turn myself on for sex with women.

I think that the porn industry, particularly in the United States, is a bad thing for society overall.

We associate a big cock with strength, dominance, and fertility.

I think it's important for men to get over any insecurities about their penis size and not let that affect their sexual identity.

By the way, there is absolutely such a thing as too big.

I find the idea of an 11-inch black cock psychologically interesting, but it would take gallons of lube and a very long time to actually ease that into my ass. Beyond that, the history of slavery and race relations makes the role reversal of black men dominating white men sexually exciting.

The first black guy I had sex with was about 7.5"- 8", and that was almost too much. I think that for me, this is a very small part of my subconscious attraction to black cock.

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