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Hershman, Jr.; 3) John R., Lesta Ann Gibbons; 4) Jack Hershman, Helen R. Hershman, Virginia (Wilson) Hershman, Nancy Hershman, John E. Ward entertained the audience with a short talk; Col. the fee is .00 plus postage, if copies are available, a limited number are available. 2) Brook, Indiana High School photo from Chester A. Newton County Public Library, Lake Village, Receives Platt and Jennie Conrad, Lemuel Milk Family Memorabilia by Beth Bassett. Ayr, Jackson and Colfax Township, project headed by Donna La Cosse, 2) The Yost Project – compilation of John J. office, Paul Howell’s Garage, Hawkins Furniture and Undertaking, Bossung and Merchant Store – submitted by Beth Bassett The 1961 Newton and Jasper Counties Basketball Sectional Highlight – The Brook Purple Aces by Dennis Boyd. Photos: (1) Larry Lyons with his catch; (2) view of Boezeman pond; (3) Members sitting by the pond, includes Bob Mc Coy, Lois De Lay, Deb Risley, Barb Wilfong, Janet Miller, Georgia Robertson, Sig in golf cart, Rich Miller, Russ and Sharon Collins. Work progressing on the new four-room school house at Thayer. Names of early settlers of Lake Village: Dillon, Wade, Barker, Bingham, Brandt, Bryant, Bunch, Burton, De Wolf, Dudley, Halleck, Hansen, Hess, Jenkins, Kite, Lawbaugh, Malone, Marshall, Mott, Nichols, Rainford, Stoner, Wells, Cool, David, Gephardt, Newell, Christenson, Franson, Johnson, Madison, Sorenson, John Stoner (Log House Hotel), Richard Malone platted Lake Village, Bryant (first grocery store), Mrs. Lee (first newspaper, Star Journal and school teacher), Mr. Adolf Yott (hosted church services in their home), Dr. The PDF files that you can download here are as they were published. Photos: 1) Platt Conrad, 2) Stationery that is part of the Conrad collection donated by Doug Wolfe to the Lake Village Library, 3) Mary Kay Emmrich, Director of the Newton County Public Library A Student’s Promise to the School Superintendent, 1908 – Copy of school card donated by Genevieve Molter and signed by Agnes Molter. Yost’s newspaper columns (Both of these are under the auspice of the Family History Division). Hollingsworth, Bruce Herriman, Linda Kindig, Bonnie Spangler, ? Photo placed on by Bruce Herriman Photo of the library in 2012; photo of library with new addition taken in 2010; photos of two chairs which were library original furnishings; photos - distinguishing features including concrete arches; child’s table & three chairs (original); original stair railing; wood framed windows that match arches; fireplaces and wood beamed ceilings. Photo of Brook High School 1960-61 Varsity Basketball Team: David Wilson, Mr. (4) Enjoying picnic, from L-R, Janet Miller, Becky Lyons, Barb Wilfong, Darlene Truby Photos: (1) Graduating class of Morocco High School, 1934: Wayne Porter, Audrey James, Daryl Brandt, Mary Heath, David Hancock, Eva Deardurff, Milton Storey, Grace Hagen, Harry Brunton, Bethel Insley, Don Deardurff, Principal Cecil Grayson, Kathleen Sinks, Bernard Gatton, Lela Hamilton, Lawson Cox, Mildred Rush, Lyle Sypult, Maxine Goddard, Paul Smart, Thora Johnson, Edwin Roadruck, Catherine Redden, Ruth Gorman, Ruby Grace Garrard, Sponsor Anne Mc Phail, Robert Ackors, Geneva Harris, Bessie James, Martin Stockey, Orville Geesa, Orville Boyd, Gene Cross, Helen Hanson, Elbert Archibald, Frank Holley, Ivan Hafstrom, Byron Archibald, Elba Ackors, Rosalie Triplett, Helen Hayworth. About four inches of snow fell in the north end of the county Sunday. Miller Advertisers in the 1916 Atlas of Newton County. Lester, (father of Sarah); “Linnie” (Malinda Sapp), daughter of John and Sarah from Sapp Family Collection Mt. Ayr Hotel with Frank and Mary Johnson in horse and buggy. Ayr Band, 1919, Dick Harris, Gilbert Brown, Robert Hufty, Forest Asby, Perry Stucker, Ernest Corbin, Charlie Longwell, Carl Faylor, Fred Hardy, Bill Faylor, Cecil Shaw, Loran Snow, Donald Lynch, Hamlin Crisler, Kenneth Lynch, Clarence Corbin, Charlie Lynch, Mr. On Line With Our Officers, Submitted by President Janet Miller Photos: 1) Resource Window Display – “A Salute of Newton County Alumni”; 2) Glenn Miller display; 3) Members old prom dresses on display; 3) Kentland Girl Scout Troop 2097 tour – Breanna Jones, Leader Patricia Hudak, Candice Hudak, Chrystal Richardson; 4) South Newton Elementary 4 Photos of Herbs/Plants/Trees/Shrubs Used for Eating and Healing 1) Spikenard; 2) Wild Sarsaparilla; 3) Black Haw; 4) Seneca Snake Root; 5) Wild Onions; 6) Anise; 7) May Apple; 8) White Oak tree; 9) White Oak acorns; 10) Basswood; 11) Aspen; 12: Dutchman’s Breechers 1962 photo of Newton County Registered Nurses touring Eli Lilly in Indianapolis: Mary Farrell, R. Dan Graves, John Brown, Jonathan Bell, Neil Shue, Finley Shafer, Jacob Hosier, Fred Bartholomew, George Clark, George Weber, William Handley, F. Bottom row, standing – John Don, Andrew Flowers, Rev. Greenway, Fred Mashino Photos: Lake Village Elementary third grade class at Resource Center; Pat Wisniewski operating camera while Jeff Manes interviews Linda Schwartzlose, granddaughter of Alexander “Kankakee Ned” Barker; “Jennie Conrad” aka Verna Marcum posing with Linda (Barker) Schwartzlose during Kentland’s Sesquicentennial Resource Center Open House in October 2010.

AP Photo – Newton County Enterprise Copies of Ads/Advertisers from Newton County Enterprise: Kessler & Co.; Morocco 1921, H. Stewart, Morocco Garage, 1921; Triplett and Edmisten, Physicians and Surgeons, Morocco, 1916; Kay & Kay, Morocco, 1928; Poole & Bro., Kentland, 1879; Charles Schneider, Meat Market, Kentland, 1898Photos: 1) Alvina (Schmidt) and Ed Iwinski; 2) Ed and Alvina Iwinski; 3) Conrad Dance Hall in the 1940’s, Alvina and Ed Iwinski with Mrs. (2) The Saturday Times, a new paper launched at Goodland by A. Autopsy held here on remains of “Old Shafer” in a blacksmith shop located nearby.

at age of 3 months, second photo at age six months; 17) Platt Conrad at age 21; 18) Mrs. Includes Newton County Band Roster, Roster of the Newton County High School Orchestra, Roster of the Newton County High School Chorus...1953-54 Mt. Photos: (1) North from CR 800N to remains in 2014 of Shafer’s Ridge (Bassett photo); (2) CR 100E. Russell, Pauline Sirois, Ruth Sheppard, Belva Davis, Edith Madison. (2) Biting good on Kankakee River whether by fish or mosquitoes. Photos: (1) Brandon & Pearl Lash family: Barb, Brandon, Alice Jean, Betty, Charles, Donald, Isabele. (3) Mabel (White) Lash and Charles Lash Morocco’s Pocket Park and Wall of History – named for Betty Kessler, former owner of The Lunch Box and retired elementary school teacher. , Tude Conn, George Corbett, seated on end; Front: Jack Wise, Jessie Whiting, Fred Lyons, Charles Conn. “Micky” Staton and Lorin Kenny Photo #1: Omak, Washington, 1912, and the ad that appeared in the Omak Chronicle for Fink’s Shop in 1910. Photo #2: Goods created by Jacob Fink and for sale at his harness shop.

12) New England relatives, Milk or Sherwood family lines – Grandmother Platt on far right; 13) Jennie’s father, Le Muel Milk; 14) Col. Conrad, George’s father; 15-16) Jennie & son, Platt M. Gleaned from the pages of the Morocco Courier, 1940. Conrad – Concludes listing of the graves of all known Civil War veterans buried in Newton County. Townships of Beaver, Iroquois, Jackson, Lake and Lincoln included in the Fall 2013 issue. (2) On the Golf Links – July 17, members of the golf club played one-club match with George Ade turning in a 73 score for the round. (2) Morocco fire on Saturday night but town saved from destruction. Ayr: (1) During high wind, belfry blown from Missionary Baptist Church. Lake Village: (1) Sheriff Dowling at Lake Village to settle dispute. Photo: People from Chicago and suburbs unload from a passenger train to view and purchase lots in the Sumava Resorts area. Home is Where Your Story Begins - Newton County Historian Diana Elijah Recalls Memories of her father, Charles Lash.

You can now download a web pdf of each edition of "The Newcomer" from this site. Beth Bassett photograph Old Photographs of Brook School – Our Web Site Brings New-Old Photographs to the Surface. Hiestand, Third Grade photo, Brook School: Wringle, Strain, David Fred, Leveron Denton, Bus Herriman, Thomas Whaling, Carl Coon, Milford Alice (Allis), Albert Staton, Ardeth Shepard, Chester Hiestand, ?? Information regarding history of yearbook/school newspaper contributed by Judy Schultz. Photo of the Kentland DAR Chapter members: Kathryn Arbuckle, Margaret Lah, Marilyn Whaley, Fannie Sue Henry, Regent, Kentland Chapter, Martha Barnhart, Indiana State Regent, Mary Jeane Gray, Janet Miller, Melinda Henry. (2) Kentland Switch Tower (now gone) located at intersection of the Penn and YYC railroads on US 24. Dickson received a late Christmas present – an English plum pudding – sent by a niece and nephew in Cambridgeshire, England. (2) Fourth grade classes of South Newton Elementary visit to Resource Center: Becky Lyons provided information on Ella (Ade) Mc Cray. Kentland: (1) New addition to the Discount and Deposit State Bank completed; Champion oats yield by Charles Spangler at 42 bushels. (6) Colton Dramatic Co will open under the big tent in Kentland.

If you are interested in copies any of these newsletter please contact the Newton County Historical Society. de Whaling, Gunner Montgomery, Miss Eunice Brand, Mazy Barker, Veneral Allis, Deloris Hiestand, De Loine Davis, Hazel Mills, Virginia Hinchman, Martha Griggs, Arthail Whaling, Bill Woods, Gerald Light, Ralph Kindig – circa 1923-24. Photo: Agnes Molter Newton County Fair Association – One of the First Newton County Fair Membership Certificates – made out to Samuel E. Photos: 1) Gooseneck Bridge, 2) Railroad Bridge (both bridges spanned the Iroquois River between Jefferson and Washington Townships; 3) Intersection of Union and Newton Streets, Goodland, Indiana circa 1900Morocco Centennial Photographs: 1) Sandy & Joe Padgett on ponies; 2) Adley Boyd & Esther (Deardurff) Boyd; 3) June Murphey, Doug Boyd, Bonnie (Boyd) Wagner; 4) Jack Storey on Farmall tractor; 5) Ella Mae (Milk) Kessler; 6) Hancock Funeral Home parade entry Pictured – Jacob Hess, store operator; Wilbert Davis (possibly), Jack Bingham, Albert & Henry Rainford, Mr. Historical compilations underway in county: 1) The History of Mt. June 2013 Newton County Historical Society Annual Meeting, Hosted by Sig Boezeman, held on his farm in Lincoln Township. Roselawn: (1) Trustee Gundy down from Roselawn Monday filing annual report with the auditor. Larry Lyons talked about different fowl and fauna of the Beaver Lake Country. Town Developed as Railroads were laid through Area by Donna Lacosse, Morocco Courier, “Our Hoosier Heritage, 1988. (2) Orchard Lake tenants enjoy day as guests of Warren T.

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