Rachele brook smith and kenny wormald dating

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Interestingly enough, Bacon said the producers on the original film, which arguably put him on the map, almost prevented him from getting the role.

“The quote was literally, ‘He’s not f---able,’” Bacon recalled. continues the Southern tradition: Even though the upcoming film is set in Beaumont, Tennessee (the original was set in Texas), filming took place in Georgia, Brewer said in April 2010 in an interview.

This isn't a film made for serious movie buffs or a majority of the male population.

What the script lacks, the dancing more than makes up for.

Forgive me if it sounds shallow to stereotype the tastes of all young women as being that shallow.

At first, it is tedious to have the plot interrupted by dance numbers coming out of thin air (similar to the way musicals allow their characters to know the same song at the same exact time so it can be belted out just about anywhere).

There's a story here about wanting something, failing to get it and overcoming obstacles which doesn't have to include after-school special claptrap such as "believe in yourself." Fine, it's a worthwhile message to be sending, but when Tommy actually SAYS the words to Kate, one can't help but roll their eyes in disbelief.

(It was a small-screen follow-up to the 2000 big-screen ballet film starring Amanda Schull, Zoe Saldana, Sascha Radetsky and Peter Gallagher.) 4. “I’m old enough that a movie I did is being remade.

Kevin Bacon declined to appear in the remake: Bacon, who is starring in the Fox reboot of , told Howard Stern in a recent interview that he was asked if he would appear in the new film. That is pathetic,” the industry vet said at one point during the interview.

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