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In Marked and Betrayed, Stevie Rae and Zoey grow very close.

When Stevie Rae's body rejects the Change in Betrayed, Zoey is completely devastated.

They are very close and loving towards each other and Sylvia is very wise.

Her unique marks are said to be indications of Nyx's favoritism of her.

She has a habit of believing everyone who she is angry with is pretending, as when she made her mother cry she tried to make it out that her mother was just pretending to be 'Hurt Hysterical Mother'.

She suffers from IBS which is pointed out a lot during the series.

She uses John to make her decisions for her and hides behind him like a coward.

However, she was devastated after learning that Linda had been killed by Neferet to create Aurox(Although she doesn't find out who or why at first), having witnessed her mother enter the Otherworld.

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